Timeline & History

           1991 Computer technology program is formed under the Department of Teacher Training in Electrical Engineering, with Associate Professor Dr. Monchai Tiantong as a director of the program. The department offers first undergraduate course in technical education degree (continuing program) in computer technology.
           1993 First graduates of computer technology program
           1995 The Department of Computer Education is officially formed, as the first department of computer education in the country.
           1999 The department offers first graduate course, master’s degree, in computer technology program specializing in two fields of study, multimedia technology and computer education.
           2002 The department offers first doctoral course in computer education program.
           2012 The department offers first four-year course, bachelor’s degree, in computer technology program.

Courses Offered

  The Department of Computer Education offers undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and doctoral degree in the following programs:
    Bachelor of Science in Technical Education program in Computer Technology
Four-year program
Two-and-a-half-year program (transfer)
Three-year program (transfer)
    Master of Science in Technical Education program in Computer Technology
    Specializing in two fields of study
Computer Education
Multimedia Technology
    Doctor of Philosophy program in Computer Education

Laboratories, workshops, and research center

Computer Programming Laboratory 205
Computer Programming Laboratory 211
Computer Multimedia Laboratory 213
Computer Hardware Laboratory 215
General Computer Laboratory 511
General Computer Laboratory 702
Multimedia Technology Research Center
Information and Communication Technology Research Center

Contact Information

  Location: Second Floor of Building 52, the Faculty of Technical Education
  Contact numbers: +662-555-2000 Ext. 3234, Mobile +6689-784-5236
  Fax. +662-912-2037