The Department of Technological Education, where the students come first, is one of seven constituent Departments in the Faculty of Technical Education at the King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. It has responsibility for the disciplines of Technical Education Technology in which it is pertaining to the use of technology for education, concentrated on vocational/technical education and training based on the philosophy “Technology from Knowledge, Knowledge from Technology.” Faculties in the Department contribute to teaching on two programs only at postgraduate levels providing students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will guarantee that they are at the cutting edge of a rapidly changing technology for education now and into the future. The Department also serves community by using the K-radio 93.25 MHz and on the Internet. It had been broadcasting for diffusions of information, innovation, and technology since 2007. The faculties have a variety of professional and academic qualifications as well as experiences of researching in practice. This strongly underpins the achievement of excellence and relevance in the teaching of the core disciplines, technology of teaching and learning in vocational/technical education.


  Department of Technology Education academic program as follows:
    Master of Science in Technical Education
Technical Education Technology
    Doctor of Philosophy
Technical Education Technology

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