The department of Teacher Training in Electrical Engineering is committed to produce industrial teachers, educational technologists, trainers and researchers, who are proficient in both theory and practice and thus would be able to transfer and develop technology in electrical engineering effectively. The department provides both engineering and education point of view to students. The department has curriculums covering from Bachelor to Doctoral degrees in various fields of study: Electrical Power, Control system, Electronics, Telecommunication, and Electrical Engineering Education.

           The department has strong cooperation with various institutes both inside and outside the country. We are carrying out numerous academic collaborations from universities such as

  Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Electronique de Nancy, Universite de Larraine, France
  ElectroScience Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Ohio State University, USA
  Department of Electrical Engineering, KMITL, Thailand
  Department of Electrical Engineering, RMUTT, Thailand
           The department has a commitment to conducting research of high quality in electrical engineering education.  Our research is strengthened by a strong set of our faculties thus we are rated to be one of the best departments in Thailand for academic research activities in electrical engineering.  Particular effort is directed towards the improvement of education and research to produce the best educators and researchers in electrical engineering.


  Department of Teacher Training in Electrical Engineering academic program as follows:
    Bachelor of Science in Technical Education
Electrical Engineering
    Master of Science in Technical Education
Electrical Technology
    Doctor of Philosophy
Electrical Engineering Education

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