The department of Teacher Training in Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1967 to provide a professional education in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing process for teaching in the vocational college and training in the factory.  The department currently has about 380 students with 35 academic staffs and 8 supporting members. The department’s programs of study are designed to prepare students with theoretical and practical knowledge.  The program emphasize in workshop practice, experimentation in laboratories, practical professional teaching and senior projects to afford students the opportunity to acquire the necessary background for a wide variety of career objectives in the industry and teaching in vocational college or enterprise.


  The Department of Teacher Training in Mechanical engineering academic program as follows:
    Bachelor of Science in Technical Education
Mechanical Engineering
Production Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
    Master of Science in Technical Education
Mechanical Technology
    Doctor of Philosophy
Technical Pedagogic Research and Development

Laboratories and other facilities


The department has expanded the laboratories to include all major equipments and facilities.

Material testing laboratory
CAD/CAM/CAE and rapid prototype laboratory
Basic mechanical laboratory
Automation laboratory
Industrial robotics laboratory
Mechatronics laboratory
Pneumatics and hydraulics laboratory Machine tool workshop

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  Location: Building 52, 3th floor
  Contact number: 0-2555-2000 ext. 3207
  Fax. 0-2587-8261