To encourage innovation in Science and Technology through the development of people 


Produce high quality graduates with good academic record excellence in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology for Teaching who can demonstrate, manage, utilize, innovate and develop efficient technology.  Altogether, focus on up-grading the study of science, engineering and advanced technology to serve the need of the economy 


The learning organization and mastership of engineering teacher, through a balance of morality with international invention, creativity research, and technology


A Mastership of Engineering Teacher and Creative Innovation


Graduates with Creativity, Workability and Knowledge Transferable 


1. To produce and develop qualified technical teachers in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels.
2. To conduct and publicize research in both technical education and engineering.
3. To provide academic services i.e. consultancy, testing, survey and training.
4. Activities related to the country’s art and culture should be the preservation of tradition.